Personal Information

You will need to have an active means of communication at all times if you are employed at Cyber Tech Central. You are responsible for this.
We need this for a background check and tax reasons.
Sometimes you are required to go on-site to see clients. Reliable transportation is required at all times during work.
This would include major speeding, traffic arrest, etc.
An associate degree is typically required to work for Cyber Tech Central.
A background check is required before employment at Cyber Tech Central.

Your Last Job

If Applicable
If you are still employed at this job just type still employed here.


Emergency Contacts

At least 1 emergency contact is required.

Additional Information

Work is typically Monday-Friday 9-5. We don't always have work to do all day long so some days will be early days, some days might be late day. Some of our service agreements occasionally require weekend work and rarely will include a holiday from time to time. If you plan on going out of town for the weekend please let us know, it's usually never a problem. We do expect you to be available most weekends and holidays in case there is an emergency.
The number 1 way to get fired at this company is not asking questions when you are not sure what you are doing. We don't expect to have to babysit somebody all the time but we do want you to ask questions when in doubt. Never tear into a project without understanding what you are doing.
All employees go through a probation period when hired at our company for 90 days. If your work has been satisfactory during that time you will be good to go. If not, unfortunately we will have to terminate you. If you have questions about this let us know.

Social Skills

Good social skills are required at all times at this company. If a customer makes you mad or uncomfortable you will need to have the skills to make the situation stable. If you are unable to do this then you will be terminated if you loose your temper or we find out you were disrespectful of a customer. This also applies to coworkers. We do not have a mark system like some of the larger companies. Depending on the severity of what happened with you and a coworker you could be terminated on the spot.

Weapon Policy

Guns or any other weapons (including but not limited to large knives) are absolutely not allowed inside any customer location at any time, regardless if the customer tells you they don't mind. You can carry a gun in your car, but it will have to stay in your car at all times. If in doubt that what you have is a weapon, chances are it is. Just leave it in the car you don't need it at work.


In conclusion of this information, this isn't meant to scare anybody, it's meant to establish some standards. This is generally a relaxed and slow pace environment, but could change if we picked up more work. Most of our work is with local businesses in Carthage, but we do have some reaching out in the nearby counties. We even have a couple businesses in Winona, MS that we occasionally visit and some in Michigan and New York that we service remotely. Any remote work can be done from home but it will be your responsibility to to maintain a computer and internet access if you choose to do that. With that being said, we do expect you to be here Monday - Friday 9-5 unless it's a holiday that we are not working or we call it an early day.
By signing this box you authorize Cyber Tech Central to conduct a detailed background check, call previous employers, and anything else listed in this application. The location you filled this application out at will be logged in our system. There may be additional information required before employment.