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A virus can be destructive.

A virus is considered a form of malware that can steal your data, corrupt files, and destroy your PC. Anyone can get a virus if they don't have protection. With us backing your PC, you have very little to fear.

Virus Protection Essentials

Virus Protection Essentials includes our premium anti-malware software and our virus free guarantee for 1 year for 1-10 PCs

Complete System Care

Includes everything in Virus Protection Essentials plus a PC tune-up every 3 months and 15% off all services from Cyber Tech Central. Valid for 1-10 PCs.

Virus Protection Family

If you have a big family with multiple devices and you only want virus protection, this might be the plan for you. This includes our anti-malware service on all of your home computers (up to 10 PCs) and a total of 5 free virus removal services for 1 year. If you have more than 10 PCs, please call us before purchasing this service.


Virus Free Guarantee

Whoa, virus free guarantee? That's right! We guarantee that you will be virus free! If you do happen to get a virus we will remove it at no cost to you! Many companies offer similar services online. We are located in Carthage where you have somewhere to go and somebody local to call if you have a problem!

Terms and Conditions

We don't want to spoil any fun by a lot of paperwork. Unfortunately we have to have some type of terms and conditions to prevent abuse by a select few.