Virus Protection Family

Terms and Conditions

How it Works

This is a service offered by Cyber Tech Central to help keep your PC virus free. When you purchase this plan, we will install our antimalware product and perform an initial threat scan on your PC to ensure it is virus free. If your PC is already infected, then you will be charged for removal of the malware. We cannot remove malware for free beforehand because this service is already heavily discounted. From that point forward, if you get a virus, we will remove the virus for free regardless of the time spent, up to 5 times per year. There are no surprise or hidden cost with this plan or any other plan we have.

What is Included

  • All the PCs in your household (up to 10)
  • Top shelf real-time malware protection for all PCs on this plan
  • Labor related to removing viruses after installation up to 5 times per year.

What is NOT Included

  • Physical damage (In very rare cases some malware can render some hardware useless)
  • Any other goods or services not related to this plan
  • Abuse of this plan
  • Buying add-on PCs for other family or friends outside of your household (This plan was designed for 1 family living together in one household. No exceptions.)
  • Businesses
  • On-site visits (you must bring your PC to Cyber Tech Central)
  • Remote Assistance (remote assistance is not included in this plan)
  • Damage or modifications caused by negligence


Depending on what we have to offer you can buy different types of add-ons to this subscription. Usually the most common add-on is tune-ups. You can call us to add or inquire about add-ons at any time.

What is Abuse of This Service/Plan?

Abuse of this plan would include (but not limited to) intentionally trying to infect machines or intentionally disabling our anti-malware service. Abuse would also include using this for a family member that is not in your household. If abuse if found, your plan could be terminated with no refund.